A Heavenletter is Born | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, you are the heartfelt song I sing. You are the music to My ears. I, God, even as there is Oneness, in terms of the world, I alone speak forth to an individual Godwriter from the depth of My Heart, and a Heavenletter is born. And another and another is also happily born.

The whole world can hear and listen to what I whisper gladly, and what I whisper, I would love to be heard by all.

What you receive from Godwriting as offerings from Me to the world are for all. My chosen Words, however, aren’t to be modified by any other individuals as it may occur to them down the road.

Godwriting is between the original Godwriter and Me. No other Human Being is to intervene. No one is to improve nor improvise on Godwriting which is, after all, Mine.

There is a certain path…

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