[DS] Stunts Will Attempt to Delay, New Dates for Hearings Set

[DS] Stunts Will Attempt to Delay, New Dates for Hearings Set

X22 Report

Grassley writes a letter to Blumenthal saying Simpson lied in Senate testimony. Facebook has been caught using data without the users consent. Trump goes after Macron, tells him the people are siding with him about taxes, climate change etc. Q drops more bread crumbs, warns deep state might try another stunt to delay, but the next stunt will need to be larger to really postpone the inevitable. Q and team countered the deep state delay by getting Flynn off. Other investigation are ongoing but the memo is heavily redacted.

Rothschild Genocide: Innovating the Population to ZERO – Deborah Tavares

Rothschild Genocide: Innovating the Population to ZERO – Deborah Tavares


“We have a demonic force that is taking over.”

Deborah Tavares exposes the transhumanist genocidal plan to drastically reduce the US population through globalist policies including UN Agenda 21, smart cities, 5G, and directed energy weapons. The scope and horror of what is unfolding will leave you seething with anger. But it’s not too late – if we educate our friends and neighbors and take action to stop this madness, now.


Answers Ep. XXI – Three More Questions – The Council — Oracles and Healers


The Council: Answers Ep. XXI – Three More Questions

Today we will address three more questions. Two of them require rather short answers and one will need more explanation. Please do not construe this to mean that any question is less important. When considering the relative importance of any topic, we choose based on…

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Positive Focus | The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

The power of positive focus

Positive focus is a subject that we feel we must address at this time. This is a period of very chaotic energies. We want you to know that you would be better served to keep yourselves focused in ways that would keep you from interfering with those outcomes that you have dedicated yourselves to achieving. Now, what do we mean by that? What are we seeing that you, from your viewpoints, do not?

You have been carefully conditioned throughout your lives to rally against things that you do not agree with. You have even been taught to have wars against some of those things. Sometimes the wars against those things actually distract you from the successful practice of the very things you are fighting against, or at least those things that you are told you are fighting against. We will point out your ‘war on…

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Better Timelines are Closer than You Think ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the possibilities that are in front of humanity at this time, and we can see how many choices you have to move to a better feeling timeline. We see that the current state of affairs on planet Earth is actually urging you to choose one of those better feeling timelines. But the way to access those timelines is not to point out what is wrong with your current state of affairs on Earth.

We encourage you to feel what you feel, but you don’t need to keep pointing out how bad things are, and it actually is not serving you to do so. The solution to the problems of your modern society is always to go within, and the way that you access that timeline that you want to be on…

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A Heavenletter is Born | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, you are the heartfelt song I sing. You are the music to My ears. I, God, even as there is Oneness, in terms of the world, I alone speak forth to an individual Godwriter from the depth of My Heart, and a Heavenletter is born. And another and another is also happily born.

The whole world can hear and listen to what I whisper gladly, and what I whisper, I would love to be heard by all.

What you receive from Godwriting as offerings from Me to the world are for all. My chosen Words, however, aren’t to be modified by any other individuals as it may occur to them down the road.

Godwriting is between the original Godwriter and Me. No other Human Being is to intervene. No one is to improve nor improvise on Godwriting which is, after all, Mine.

There is a certain path…

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Diane Canfield – December Ascension Forecast – 2018

Higher Density Blog

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Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,


The past few days we have felt like we are leaving the 3rd dimension. This feels as though we are not firmly planted into the ground anymore. I had a prior experience of this back in 2013 while driving 3 hours to see my mother who was in the hospital at the time. I had to pull over many times because when I was driving I actually felt like I was flying above the ground and not attached fully to the ground.I really felt like I was driving a UFO… in one way it was a great feeling but in another not so great. The feeling at that time lasted about a week when ever I would get in my car to drive anywhere. The feeling this time though can come without driving a car… it can happen at any time. There are a…

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