Time and Timelines

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

The truth of the reality is that we are “Immortal Spiritual Beings”, which “predate” the constructs of time and space. For as an “ISBE”(Immortal Spiritual Being), we have always and will always be in existence.  As the “illusions” of past, present and future give way. There is ONLY the ever “spacious” present now, moment.

So, we are not subject to time and/or space. Although we use these quite cleverly to “perceive” the reality anew. And to “purposefully”limit our perceptions, so that we may attain a certain level of focus, that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. Which “birthed” our “outer ego” consciousness.

Yet, when we look into returning to Source. Some perceive that they will return to Source, blending into Oneness, once more. And this is true to an extent. However, realize that this Oneness has “several” aspects of Self.For since all time exists, simultaneously within the now. Source has many aspects…

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