Trump Did It, This Is The Icing On The Cake – Episode 1732a

Trump Did It, This Is The Icing On The Cake – Episode 1732a


John Kerry tells the people of the UK to accept the deal that May presented. If the deal was that great Kerry would not have to tell them to accept it, they would do it automatically. The housing market is falling apart very rapidly, Toll Brothers sales have dropped and it is getting worse. Trump did it, he will control the complete narrative, the central bank, deeps state & MSM are trapped, the economy is completely under his control.

Editor’s Note:  Mr. Kerry is openly threatening the Irish People.  Does he think they will let him or any other globalist intimidate the people of Ireland?  Oye.  

Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call? – In5D : In5D

I answered the Call a long, long, long time ago, in Sirius and again in the Pleiades. Now, I’m observing how you lot manage…


Courtesy of in5dLightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call?

by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing writer,

There are major energetic shifts taking place on our planet right now.  Many who agreed to be in service have been held down by density and fear and are not ready to step up in this time of great need.  Some are being torn from the inside out as they battle the inner voice calling them to service but allowing fear to hold them back.  Fear expresses as anxiety,

Source: Lightworkers Will You Answer the Clarion Call? – In5D : In5D

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Space Force, the Final Frontier of Destroying the Deep State

Space Force, the Final Frontier of Destroying the Deep State

The Edge of Wonder

Trump’s Space Force is to reshape the future of humankind with a whole new paradigm of technology about to be released to the public. Is space exploration about to become a household topic and Mars the new vacation destination?

Mid-Term Election Hacker Targeted GOP

Headlines With A Voice

Thousands of emails from top Republicans were stolen during the 2018 midterm election in a major hack.

Email accounts from four top aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee were hacked and surveilled for several months. The hack was first detected in April by a managed security services provider that monitors the NRCC’s network; the FBI was then alerted.

Proud Member of AIM Starship Fleet

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Welcome Home

Mystical Journey

“Welcome home!” I want my life to say that. I want it to salute every person who enters my space, not just my home, but my presence while feeling the simplicity of those words. I want to create an atmosphere of love, blessings, comfort and peace. Whether they enter our home, or I enter their own space, I want to believe they feel those words. I hope you can grab a chair, squat and share.

Home is the heart of our spirits. A house is a building, but home can be anywhere your spirit welcomes another. “Welcome home!”

Welcome home to that place of simplicity, love, serenity, joy and communion. Welcome to the life your spirit craves to share with you and others. I am learning that the purest form of an authentic life is in allowing others to love and feel loved no matter where they are…no matter…

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Intergenerational Agreement: This almost 76-year-old Crone aligns with four brilliant Female Millennial Citizen Journalists —


Besides millennial Corey Lynn’s deep digs, and here’s the latest — Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle the Drain — and besides my ongoing appreciation for the tube videos of millennial Tracy Beanz — I find myself riveted by the capacity of millennial Caitlin Johnstone to brilliantly articulate with stunning detail all that I am…

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Mainstream fake-news: the devious limited hangout

Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

December 4, 2018

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Big media attacks “fake news.” Independent reporters rightly point the finger at big media as the predominant purveyor of fake news.

Here I want to comment on one of the most devious forms of MSM fake news: the limited hangout.

When necessary, news outlets will do a PARTIAL EXPOSURE of a hidden crime. The assumption is, once the story is published and broadcast, everyone will shake their heads and say, “That’s terrible,” and move on. The whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days, as if the whole truth has been revealed. Limited hangout.

From media’s point of view, a limited hangout means: “We won’t do any further digging. We’ll shut down further investigation.” Vital questions won’t be asked:

Why did the criminals do what they did? Why are they still at…

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5 December 2018 Temptation and Trust — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


There’s something that’s tempting us, no, rewarding us, for acting and choosing against our own best interests. We’re sabotaging our future, acting in ways we know aren’t wise, and refusing to listen to our instincts and our inner knowing. Why is this happening? We don’t trust ourselves, don’t trust our vision, and we have things […]

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Europe Hates Their Leaders and Want Trump Instead [videos] ~ December 3, 2018


Editor’s Note: Yes, the rest of the world is on fire for change against the “way things have been”. They want what America, the deep state location of the largest nest of vipers, is now experiencing…positive change for human consciousness brought about the forces placing President Trump, and “Q”, in charge of leading this change. Please read on, know this is a GLOBAL change, and…



Last week we saw masses of Brits chanting they love Trump, Brazil elected a guy they call the “Trump of the Tropics”, and in France and Germany the People have been on the rampage protesting the evil regimes subjugating Humanity there.

Did you see the Spaniards in action at a soccer match in October 2017? They were chanting a slogan of a different sort over a year ago.

“Please Trump! Lock Her Up!” Spaniards chant at soccer match between the US and Spain.

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