The Narcissist and Why We Encounter Them On Our Journey


The Narcissist plays a very important role on our journey. They are sent to wake us up! I actually had 2 at the same time before I began my journey. I was living with one and the other was my boss. They both tried to destroy me but neither did. I actually survived and ended up thriving. It wasn’t pretty while it was going on though.

The Narcissist

A narcissist differs from just self-involved selfish people. There are plenty of selfish people but narcissists are actually not that common as you think. They take pleasure from inflicting and causing someone emotional pain. They will also cause that pain intentionally so they can get pleasure. A narcissist will apologize for something they did wrong to you, only because it looks good in front of others for them to do so or benefit them in some way. They will apologize for causing…

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