The Alphabet of the Ark ~ Language of Metatron

Arc of Metatron 777

(re-posted from Maia’s Spirit Mythos archive)

akashically received by Maia with editing by Simeon Nartoomid

(from Temple Doors Issue 4 – 1997)

Inside of the following sacred symbols are inscribed upon alchemically altered golden plates which line the the Ark of Grace, an actual physical object designed by the Hierarchy to ground higher consciousness to the Earth. These sacred symbols are accompanied here with their correspondent vocables. The ‘Alphabet of the Ark’ is actually another version of what Thoth calls the ‘Aegis of Metatron. Each of these symbols / vocables has an angelic energy which is associated with it.

The Alphabet of the Ark

The Alphabet of the Ark is part of the ‘Language of Metatron,’an Archangelic alphabet. In the historic Kaballah there is mention of something called ‘eye writings,’ or ketav einayim. According to Thoth, the divine language form represented in the Alphabet of the Ark, is contained within the…

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