Serialbrain2 12-2-18… “Comey hiding behind Skull and Bones’ skirt. State funeral next week. Coincidence?” REPOST (full article)

Anyone else think the idiots in Washington are just plain stupid and short-sighted. EVERYONE who reads alternative media knows they’re as guilty and should go to Hell. Get it over with, POTUS.

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Another fascinating post by SB2. I cannot say I follow every single one of the points, nor can I say I really care (a R–‘s A$$) about it, but I do know the whole Grand Play is indeed “playing out” to perfection for the planet.

[Kp note: I believe the “AW9” referenced here is this link:]

“…we-are-not-weasels Comey does not want a closed-door session. At all. Why? Because he would not be able to sing his favorite song, which is “I can’t answer that in an open setting”. Do you remember? He shared this beautiful song several times in the past with us… People… know exactly what Comey is trying to achieve here and, once again, [are] fully aware some individuals believe laws are only written for us, the sheep, while they, because they are part of some club, can do whatever they want… video.

“[Comey is]……

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