If Space Were Not, How Could Superman Leap Tall Buildings? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, how can it be that time does not exist, while at the same moment, you don’t have enough of this phantom time to fit the bill? I don’t set out to entangle you in puzzles, yet this is the situation you often find yourself in in the world.

Life on Earth seems like a magician’s act. Now you see it, now you don’t.

How challenging is this illusion called Life in the World as if it were sprung on you to trip you up? You do realize, don’t you, that you would not like it if time and space were valid and could hold you in constant bondage. You might not like it at all. Enjoy your freedom.

Time is no more than a fake calculation you go by. You believe in time and space as if they were your wardens. Time seems to hold you in…

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