Healing vs Evolution. Human Will vs Soul Will.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I find it amazing, always, how a release of planetary and inter-dimensional energies can and does affect each person so differently. No two readings have been the same, the visuals and target points so different for each person I have read for, yet, it is the same energies being re;eased throughout the planet.

As I ponder that thought this morning, I am given such a wonderful visual explanation of how. We are all in our own, unique bubble of energy, what I often refer to as your intimate field of creation. In readings, we tend to be looking at the flat aspect of that, but it is a bubble that encircles every person individually on this planet. Once the incoming energy hits that bubble it changes to meet the frequency and needs of the bubble, of each persons energy field. This is what I see as your energy field and…

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