Boom, [HR[D]C] Panic, Dec 5, Another Whistleblower, Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming – X22 Report

Boom, [HR[D]C] Panic, Dec 5, Another Whistleblower, Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

X22 Report

Rick Scott sign an EO and goes after Brenda Snipes, Snipes is now saying she rescinds her offer to retire. France might declare a state of emergency (Yellow Vest Protest), the people are not happy with Macron. Q drops more bread. Q says there was a leak and warns the leaker to not leak anymore or else. DC is panicking. Comey tries to get out of testifying behind closed doors, it backfires, the Judge dismisses his case, he will testify behind closed doors. Dec 5 seems to be the date, GHWBush passes away, funeral on the 5th, coincidence, Comey suppose to testify, Clinton testify. Huber all on the 5th.


The Unspoken Reason Behind the Yellow Vests Protest (in France)

The Unspoken Reason Behind the Yellow Vests Protest (in France)

Red Ice TV

Timothé Vorgenss from Suavelos in France joins Henrik to talk about the unspoken reality behind the reason for the ‘Yellow vests’ protest movement.


In Memoriam: The Truth About George H. W. Bush – Now Comes the Truth

In Memoriam: The Truth About George H. W. Bush – Now Comes the Truth


George H.W. Bush is dead at the age of 94 and the mainstream media mockingbirds spent all day Saturday singing the praises of this “great man” and 41st President of the United States. But it may surprise some to learn the truth about H.W. and the Bush family. This is the story the mainstream media refuses to share with Americans.

Saint George Herbert Walker Bush: Since when is hagiography required when an evil man dies? —


I can’t even bear to look at the headlines, much less read through any of the effusive commentary on the death of this singular man, arguably one of the most evil to ever walk the face of this earth during our time. And frankly, I’m surprised that DJT goes along with it, even tweets encomiums…

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Arcturian Group Message December 2, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @

Rainbow Wave of Light

                                      DECEMBER 2, 2018
People all over the world are becoming  increasingly aware of the hidden  agendas of those dedicated to self service. The false beliefs and concepts that have ruled the three dimensional  world for centuries are surfacing in order to be transmuted once again into energies of Light. Energy does not dissolve, but rather changes form as evolution takes place.   Other planets have done it and it is now earth’s turn to  graduate into being a planet in alignment with other evolved planets.
Do not allow the chaos of the outer scene to lodge in consciousness as reality, but rather remember that Divine Consciousness, which is all that exists, is incapable of and thus never has expressed Itself as chaos, violence, or suffering.   If God…

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Head-spinning amount of change – The Council — Oracles and Healers


Head-spinning amount of change – The Council We have spoken recently about the head-spinning amount of change that you will experience during this time. And if you keep your eyes open, you may now see that happening. It has not yet reached its full force. And much of it is still being kept from you,…

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Intense Energy Waves Lead To Deeper Healing & Change

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Kalayna Colibri

Been in more waves of change personally as we finally transition to a house where roots can be planted in nourishing soil… this isn’t coming through without tension also moving through, making room for the new and all possibilities. It feels like a time for this, a time for stepping into your highest timeline, and feeling the reactions and tensions moving along with that. It’s a time where stepping into your highest timeline may not look and feel like the perfect picture in the moment, yet you can so trust the vision as it’s unfolding and hold onto it as more than a wish, but something you are deciding to fully show up for… even as there are steps, sometimes many steps, to realizing it in its entirety.

There’s still density to move and be with, to acknowledge and to challenge within, especially as you continue to…

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Special Message From The Alcyone Pleiadian High Council  ~ Return of The Goddess ~ December 2, 2018


Channeled by Artemis Pax

Editor’s Note: It is indeed refreshing to read from galactic sources about the inherent failure of patriarchy used globally across Planet Earth. As a woman, I weep for the men who do not understand  that “might” is NOT right with intention to bludgeon their way to success using any means possible.

For me, this article is a signal to the observant that the time of “change” is at hand where the system of patriarchy will be undermined and discarded as both sexes on Earth work to establish the rise of true spiritual principle of unconditional love (which are genderless) as a method of global organization. Please read, think about this, and…



The Goddess is a metaphor for the feminine principle in all beings. She is strong and fierce, but at her core is unconditional love, unity, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness. She is both warrior…

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Healing vs Evolution. Human Will vs Soul Will.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I find it amazing, always, how a release of planetary and inter-dimensional energies can and does affect each person so differently. No two readings have been the same, the visuals and target points so different for each person I have read for, yet, it is the same energies being re;eased throughout the planet.

As I ponder that thought this morning, I am given such a wonderful visual explanation of how. We are all in our own, unique bubble of energy, what I often refer to as your intimate field of creation. In readings, we tend to be looking at the flat aspect of that, but it is a bubble that encircles every person individually on this planet. Once the incoming energy hits that bubble it changes to meet the frequency and needs of the bubble, of each persons energy field. This is what I see as your energy field and…

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AIM Truth Bits

SES logo and maskHere come Harry Blazer and Catherine Austin Fitts, protecting the Senior Executive Service…AGAIN.

They do not want you know that the “Deep State” is actually an organized body of bureaucratic domestic enemies (just look up their names in the Plum Book) that are working to thwart Trump’s agenda and support SES Herr Mueller in his WITCH HUNT/coup d’etat. Thanks to AIM Patriot Chris for this collection of posts, with his notes added. (Open the headline link below to view the audio and read the post.)

Deep State and the Re-engineering of America with Harry Blazer

Chris writes: “She also says Q movement is dangerous because it’s weaponizing angry frustrated people to go against the SES.” (See 3:45 mark)

“Perhaps she’s not seen the evidence that the SES are placed in industry at VERY high levels (jumping over every senior person who went up the ranks normally)…they are THE…

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