At the End of the Selfie Era? Then What …

Sophia's Children

“So let me rephrase, we live at the end of an era characterized by relentless anxiety around the self as a product: what it means, who owns it, what it costs, what it’s worth. The word celebrity suggests that this value can be quantified and, generally, stands as a catch-all term for the collective disorders (disembodied  desire, objectified anxiety, schadenfreude as catharsis) underpinning a cult of self.” ~ “Toward a More Radical Selfie,” The Paris Review).

India Ennenga, author of that quote (and the article from which it came) calls this an era of unfolding “digital self-harm” — selfies with absolutely no connection to one’s actual Self. That’s bound the lead nowhere good. “Living as characters,” writes Ennenga.

Check out the full article, “Toward a More Radical Selfie.

It’s a timely reflection, and may well stir up some renewed passion, clarity, and inspiration…

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