Ashtar ~ Cosmic Waves Causing Electrical Jolts, Bliss, Giddiness And Joy!! ~ November 30, 2018

Lord Ashtar of the Isle of Ashtar…


via James McConnell

I am Ashtar, and I am more frequently with you in these times, because of these times, because of what is occurring, because of what is coming.

Many of you have been feeling these waves of energy coming into the planet, feeling these energies come into your body.  In some ways it may even seem like a jolt of energy that comes in at times as if you have a sense of electricity coming into you, an electrical impulse.

Because of this, you do feel a heightened sense of oneness, maybe even a blissful sensation come over you which in those times can be better than the best high that you have ever had.  It may even make you feel a sense of giddiness, joy.

At other times depending on where you are in your aspects of yourself at that moment, you may feel the energies as heavy.  Because if…

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