We KNOW, Locked and Loaded, All in Place, Picture Worth a Thousand Words

We KNOW, Locked and Loaded, All in Place, Picture Worth a Thousand Words


The deep state is now trying to come after Trump from all different angles. The bill to protect Mueller did not pass, Flake postpones the meeting on the judges, Schiff is tweeting out of fear. Goodlatte corners Comey says closed-door meeting, videotape release to the public, you got your transparency. Mueller past is filled with criminal activity. Trump retweeted the photo from a fan page that shows many behind bars. Q responds to this tweet that a picture is worth many sentences.

The Deep State squeaky toys are freaking out.  Their crimes are known, law and order are being revived and restored.  Herr Mueller is going down as his past crimes are exposed.  Trump’s team is primed and ready for the long-awaited takedown of the corrupt secret government in Washington D.C. AND foreign intelligence agencies.  Trump is a superior chess player than the mind-programmed, blackmailed, and overt Satanic globalist puppets in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Syndey, et al.


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