David Wilcock comments on Ben Fulford’s 11-26-18 article…

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Some may be interested in these short comments by David, and the pre-Ben-article “Mitsubishi synchronicities”. Below is a relevant part from the article about Mitsubishi:

“Asian secret society sources, for their part, say more specifically that the French were trying take complete control of the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Alliance in order to steal Japanese and U.S. military secrets. Mitsubishi Motors, part of the Nissan/Renault automotive alliance, was formerly part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

“MHI is Japan’s leading military manufacturer, and the U.S. Seventh Fleet commanders arranged Ghosn’s arrest and subsequent downfall in order to prevent the French from accessing its technology via Mitsubishi Motors, the Asian sources say.”

Links: comment 1, comment 2

This is admittedly very fascinating, as I had a whole synchronicity around a tow truck being erroneously called to my house last night… to pick up a Mitsubishi. Many other layers that came in with a dream…

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