Benjamin Fulford 11-27-18… “Emergency alert: North Koreans warn of Zionist plan to start WWIII in Korea and Crimea”

Kauilapele's Blog

Pretty direct and to the point. Many reports I’ve viewed have made a note of the Ukraine government incurring into Russia (Russian waters), but in this BF alert his sources point to something “bigger” in the works.

My view, like Ben’s, is to remain calm and and see the Light doing its work to ease and/or dissolve any attempted conflict-creators. Surely the “Higher Ups” (Galactics, et al.) are going to prevent any major outbreaks.

And remember that “Karma’s a _____, baby” and that many of the items being thrown out there are (almost instantaneously) kicking right back in the throwers’ faces.

“Manchu royal family members called today to warn of a Zionist plot to start World War III by provoking incidents in Korea and Crimea. “The people behind [French President Emmanuel] Macron are doing this,” the sources say… a Hail Mary maneuver to start their long-planned artificial end-times war between…

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