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Professor Igor Panarin is correct – absent a counter-revolution, the USA will disintegrate.

Robert David Steele

Professor Igor Panarin, a most distinguished Russian intelligence officer and strategic forecaster, is the dean of the Russian school for future diplomats.[1] I salute his work, and particularly admire and wish to support his idea of a joint Russian-American information-analytical anti-crisis center. Here and now I will focus on his prediction, in 1998, that the United States of America (USA) would disintegrate by 2010, and be Balkanized into five regions as shown below.[2]

IMAGE CREDIT: Wall Street Journal

Focusing only on the fundamentals – a dysfunctional election system that disenfranchises 70% of the eligible voters;[3] a wanton citizenship system that has granted US citizenship to as many as 5 million Chinese ready to vote as directed in future elections;[4] a dollar that is not backed by anything combined with…

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