QHHT A Star Seed’s Preparation to enter Earth from a Mother Ship in the Galactic Federation Of Light

Higher Density Blog

Sonya Wilder Wellness QHHT

Published on Oct 1, 2018

In this profound Quantum Hypnosis session, the Star Traveler shares the preparation for HUman incarnations, why they came to Earth, what a New Earth is, what the Event is, explains the matrix, speaks Light Language, and details about the Galactic Federation of Light. They share insights for all Light Workers from the beginning of the session to the end. Lots of information. This is my own session that I want to share with all….to help, clarify, share a perception, ground, and support all Light Workers in all frequencies. Quantum Hypnosis practitioner Heather Gormand facilitated this session. To schedule a session with her, visit-https://www.quantumsoulsister.com/
To schedule a session with Sonya, visit-https://www.sonyawilderwellness.com/

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