Why We go Through Pain, Loss & Suffering in life

Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Yes there is a purpose behind it all! & it’s not because God/universe (whatever word you prefer to use) doesn’t exist or doesn’t care about us – it’s actually the complete opposite. It’s all for our highest good!

The whole point & purpose of life is for us to learn a lesson(s), grow & ascend.

Without pain, suffering or loss we wouldn’t go deep within and open our hearts, we wouldn’t know what pain feels like & so we wouldn’t have compassion for others nor ourselves. We wouldn’t learn how to forgive, be grateful, be vulnerable & certainly not know how to love unconditionally.

Without pain & suffering, we wouldn’t know what it truly feels like to have lost & feel empty.

Suffering breaks the heart wide open and forces us to look within, because suffering is truly the most powerful motivator for introspection & true self-discovery.  It gives us…

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