The Galactic RED PILL – Special Edition

The Galactic RED PILL – Special Edition


Please help BBS and their families get back on their feet and back on the air. They have already begun getting some of the equipment together lets all chip in to ensure these great shows continue.

  • Huber testimony
  • Hillary emails
  • The Left accuses Ivanka Trump of email misuse
  • Fake News regarding food, drugs, vaccinations
  • GMOs, Fluoride, etc.
  • Outbreak of Polio in Europe
  • Global Currency Reset
  • Pedowood = Hollywood, entertainment business
  • 60K + indictments
  • Pedophilia networks will be revealed
  • Those who scream the loudest are the most guilty
  • Closure of the Russian probe
  • Uranium One probe, Democrats
  • Caravan –   a tool by the Left to take down America, no one will be granted asylum
  • Mexico is having to deal with the illegals as the American border is CLOSED





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