Retired Marine on Operation: Hot Musket & His Intel [video] ~ November 23, 2018


I feel Steve gives us a solid perspective on the current situation as far as the info we’ve been given.

You may have seen the denial by the “Pentagon” of the validity of Operation: Hot Musket on Hal Turner’s website, but knowing that the Pentagon is infested with rogue elements—like every agency and arm of the government—that is not to say the information is the truth.

Hal also featured this confirmation of the massive number of tanks shown in Louisiana on Sunday.

We’re on our own to discern what is happening or about to happen—armed with Q’s promise that, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.”

It seems that a great deal of faith is required to weather this storm that is Donald Trump, America’s Commander in Chief. Regardless of his geographic location, thousands or even millions of patriots the world over have developed that trust due to the…

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