Entering Zero Point ~ Inner Outer Alignment ~ November 23, 2018


By Kari Samuels

There is no lack of Master Numbers – 11-22-2018 is a 44 Master Number day on this 22nd day of this 22 Universal Month in this 11 Universal Year.

And that’s just the beginning…

We welcome Sagittarius today with a grateful heart and open arms!

This has been quite a transformational month in Scorpio, has it not?

Scorpio dives deep into the psyche and you’ve been experiencing that journey of emotional excavation.

Yesterday, the Sun moved into the fiery forward-moving joyful sign of Sagittarius.

Hours later, we have our Full Moon in Gemini at zero degrees.

Zero degrees of any sign is a pivot point, giving you the energy of pure potential and fertile soil for seed planting.

This is a time for total renewal and complete transformation.

You’ll be feeling this regenerative energy for many, many months to come.

EVERY Full Moon for the next five months…

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