Is the “Witch Hunt” Going after Trump… or Hillary Clinton? [video] ~ November 22, 2018


Since HRC has earned the title “the Witch”, there are those who question whether the “witch hunt” we so often hear about is referencing Mueller’s quest to incriminate the President (which in two years and millions of dollars later has produced zero), or whether the prey is actually HRC.

The plays on words are not lost on most of us and it is something to consider. There is some very compelling information in the following video from Black Conservative Patriot.

I agree that Giuliani may have a chequered past, particularly with respect to 9/11, but many have rallied to the cause and chosen their side. They support Donald Trump in his mission to return the power to the People and free America. In exchange, they have probably been pardoned of any wrongdoing that may very well have been under duress/threat/blackmail they didn’t deserve.  ~ BP

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