RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: What the Light Forces are MOST Grateful For: The Driving Force that Motivates Them. Planetary Clearing Report+White Friday

There are millions of more lightworkers than the “144,000”. That number represents a certain “energy” as well as the ORIGINAL 144,000 Kumarans who came here to Earth to prepare Shamballa for the arrival of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World… a role He played for thousands of years until some heart-flames were re-lit upon this planet. The 144,000 represents the true anchoring of Christ energy upon the planet, the “Christ or Kristos or Krystal” energy that emanates from the Heart of the Great Central Sun. That is the Return of Christ, not in one man, but many people all over the planet.

Forever Unlimited

No radio show this week … but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is not a big-deal week, just because there’s no show.

This is a VERY BIG DEAL week, thanks to what will come out from 144k HQ on Thanksgiving Morning.

So where do I begin …?

11/11 has opened an intense transition process for the whole planet.

And because of our successful mass meditation on that fateful date, it’s opened up an even bigger ‘mass planetary clearing process’.

Something major … sacred … and holy is coming to your inbox on Thanksgiving. It may well be the motivating power the Light Forces are most grateful for…. and what gives them the ability to do their mission.

In the spirit of the SACRED Thanksgiving here in the central &…

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