Aluna Ash-9D – NEW EARTH & POLE SHIFT – Galactic Cycle of The Divine – 11-20-18

Higher Density Blog

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Nov 20, 2018

This all still blows me away, it is all synchronized/orchestrated perfectly- Divine Time☺ Dont forget to charge your water & drinks w thought/intent before drinking- it holds memory. I was seeing how people are drinking memories of the info the water stores during packaging/transport/sitting on shelf & it is crazy.

2012-2020- 4th density synchronization
2012- beginning of the end of linear time 3D matrix time, false grid removal through collective focused thought. Beginning of the end of “time” as in 12months a yr 60 min clock-false timing frequency created by THE VATICAN TO ENSALVE through creating a conscious construct/artifical grid of crystallized collective thought
2019- New Divine Femine Galactic cycle- reactivating The Mother Energy. Individual awakening process begins to become collective. The shift becomes more real.
2019-2020- pole shift becomes more physical
2020- last group activated, triggering mass collective awakenings at a…

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