Energy Update 11/19 ~ November 19, 2018


I’m still trying to figure out how to explain exactly what I’m seeing, for the last couple weeks.. its like a hologram over earth. Or layers of holograms & a ship. A layer hiding ship

Something Huge is coming.. I think everyone can feel this or will be feeling this, huge energy shifts.. we are getting closer to the end of the 13,000 yr cycle moving to the Divine Feminine.

These energies are uprooting karmic frequencies individually and collectively. You may feel as if you’re vibrating also, dizziness or vertigo.

The border situation is just distraction, paid, fake. Its all to create division & fear. All theater

I am still getting a huge focus of energy moving fast in the ocean.

If youre feeling the heavy energy of the collective, meditate as much as you are able to.. send love. “He who controls the prana, controls the universe.” I think…

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