Breaking: President Trump WARNS Migrant Who Dare To Cross Over The Border’s Wall ~ November 18, 2018


Editor’s Note: Below are various video’s collected regarding the caravan of migrants arriving at the Tijuana/San Diego border. The violence displayed by some of the “migrant” force is troubling…many feel they are “paid” performers for key players of the dark.

My mission is to ask readers of my blog to “hold the Light” regarding this episode as our nation surely faces a time of cleansing. Please watch the video’s below with the knowledge that the calm after these moments of the “storm” will be glorious, and…



Many of the nearly 3,000 Central American migrants who have reached the Mexican border with California via caravan said Saturday that they didn’t feel welcome in Tijuana, where hundreds more migrants were headed after more than a month on the road.

The vast majority were camped at an outdoor sports complex, sleeping on a dirt baseball field and under bleachers with a…

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