Big Intel: The FED, Pentagon, State Dep., DOJ, NATO, UN, SSP & UBS servers shut down [VIDEO] ~ November 18, 2018

The news just keeps getting crazier… what’s going on with all this server thing?


This was posted on 11/18/2018. Thomas Williams has given us the latest on the server situation. Seems as if this done in retaliation for not bringing up the Manna World Trust (Quantum Financial System) by the Deep State financial system.

If you are unsure of this new financial system, please refer to Thomas Williams of the “Truth and Integrity” radio show. Kim, a banking executive, has been the singular trustee of the Manna WOrld Trust. This was article was posted on 11/18/2018 by Galactic

Manna World Trust which hold HUGE funds and is ready to fund banks with these founds for distribution to the people of the world. Some funds have been submitted to banks overseas, but their release has been stymied by the banks in the US refusing these funds which holds up the release of any funds since the banks are all interconnected. Please refer to the…

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