Sunday Digest Intel and Updates for November 18, 2018: That Rocky Road to Freedom [videos] ~ November 18, 2018



The awakening process seems to be moving along. At what speed we’re not sure, but reports suggest that 44% of young Facebook users deleted their accounts, and now Twitter is messing big time with their users.

Californians are definitely waking up, unfortunately not by choice.

Q’s been quiet for a few days.

Simon Parkes published his update from yesterday where he discusses at the outset his intel on global events. He begins with the financial aspect, then the fires in California and the multiple methods used to incinerate the Golden State and kill residents, then gets into “Brexit” and a few other things before the Q&A. His video is below.

He also mentioned this bit of news on his website:

Russian Favoured As Head Of Interpol

The big game / Lie that the Russians are behind everything that is evil is shown for what it is by the announcement that…

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