The Globalists are Waging Open War on America! | AIM4Truth [video] ~ November 17, 2018

This is the BRUTAL truth, folks. Wake up before you become a victim of these maniacs; it won’t matter if you’re on “their side” either, as to them AlL humans are expendable, useful tools. They are NOT human or if they are, they have sold their souls to the Devil.


Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends…the “storm” is indeed upon us! The video above is horrific, but true. Too much evidence exists to support the fact that the dark are now engaged in a full scale battle to retain their control over Earth, and…you and me.

Please read this report from Starship Earth, but avoid a fearful reaction…that is exactly how the dark become able to achieve their goals! Instead, it’s time to take action that is not rooted in violence…unless your life is in danger.

Instead, as much as possible, play a game of non-resistance. Do you really need that vaccination? Do you really need to watch the TV show? Do you really need to stay tied to the dark’s program they have for your life? It’s time to wake up and read this report, stay low and use non-resistance, pray for  spiritual help although knowing this battle has already…

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