Matthew Ward – Time, Past Lives, the Continuum – 11-17-18 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia

What I have been told and have realized through my own investigations into my “past” lives in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, that by clearing core issues from ancient trauma, you not only change your future but also the past. The time-space continuum is malleable; it can be altered, at least on an individual level. Clear your past trauma in the Now and you alter your present and future… something to think about, I would say…

Higher Density Blog

Matthew Ward


Steve Beckow:

I’m researching an article on the continuum, the term Matthew Ward uses for the higher realms, and came across the discussion I repost here.

He makes clear why past-life bleedthrough may occur more in this lifetime than in others and discusses the simultaneity of lifetimes in “the continuum.”

Notice at the end he makes a point that I’ve made. Having two versions of it helps.

“The high vibrations of the Golden Age … are of love, peace, harmony and respect for all of Nature. … We cannot imagine that anyone could be dissatisfied in that idyllic environment.”

That’s the way he puts it. The way I’ve put it is that, in the experience of transformative love and bliss we find ourselves in in the higher dimensions, the thought of harming another would never arise. Therefore the world would work for everyone (peace…

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