Meditations For Group 3: Physical, Kundalini/Ascension


I wrote in my last blog about the different groups or waves of volunteers and how we are working with different chakras in the kundalini process. I wrote 3 meditations, it is ok to work ahead and do all the chakras. It could never hurt you to do this and probably improve your energy flow. These meditations work with intentions. We can really do a lot for ourselves just using intentions. Lightworkers are natural manifesters so our intentions are powerful. We also have to learn to take care of ourselves and our energy. It is very easy to become ungrounded with all these intense waves of energy coming in daily. When you chakras are cleared and balanced you are naturally grounded. Staying grounded is very important in this ascension process. 

The first meditation is for those in physical kundalini. These would be those that are in the 3rd group or…

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