Corey Goode Facebook update, 11-9-18… “Alliance Update”

Kauilapele's Blog

Interesting and informative update from Corey. This aligns, in some ways, with the recent Cobra update (related Kp blog post).

Please note that the 11-11 meditation he mentions is actually an 11-11-11 meditation (since 2018 = 11). Also, I feel drawn to be a part of this, and am feeling called to a place where this meditation may be most “needed”.

“…from one of my one remaining and original Alliance contacts… all of the lower level briefings and bridge calls had been shut down this week due to a new phase of operations… One of the most sensitive phases of the Alliance takedown of the cabal is said to have begun within the last few days to a week. If this latest intel is accurate, we expect the fist to tighten around operational information, even more, leaving many who have been fighting in the dark along with us until…

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