Trump: “Call for a new election? We must protect our Democracy!”

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Trump calls for a new election?


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Nov 9, 2018 03:33:37 PM – Just out — in Arizona, SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH. Electoral corruption – Call for a new Election? We must protect our Democracy!

Nov 9, 2018 01:39:00 PM – Thank you @marcorubio for helping to expose the potential corruption going on with respect to Election Theft in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The WORLD is now watching closely!

Nov 9, 2018 01:20:28 PM – In the 2016 Election I was winning by so much in Florida that Broward County, which was very late with vote tabulation and probably getting ready to do a “number,” couldn’t do it because not enough people live in Broward for them to falsify a victory!

Nov 9, 2018 01:14:03 PM – Mayor Gillum conceded on Election Day and now Broward County has put him “back into play.” Bill…

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HWAV Exclusive: CA Poll Officer Comes Forward

Headlines With A Voice

In the late afternoon of November 6, 2018, I put out a request for anyone that witnessed irregularities at their polling place to share their experience with me. I wanted to document as many as I was able. I felt it was essential to expose voter fraud and election manipulation as close to real-time as possible. When I put out my request, I had no idea how many I would receive. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the number.

There was one, however, that stood out from the others. This one was from a poll officer in northern California. In the initial email, not much detail was given aside from a brief account of what this officer witnessed and their name, location and telephone number. They requested someone call them so that they could get their story out. They made very clear they would not be silenced. After doing a quick…

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Hail to the Black Sheep

Winging with Whitehawk

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The so-called ‘Black Sheep’ of the family are, in fact, seekers of liberation roads for the family tree. Those members of the tree who do not adapt to the rules or traditions of the family system, those who were constantly seeking to revolutionize beliefs, going in contrast to roads marked by family traditions, those criticized, tried and even rejected, those, by General, they are called to release the tree of repetitive stories that frustrate entire generations.

The ‘Black Sheep’, those who do not adapt, those who scream rebel, repair, detoxify and create a new and blooming branch… countless unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams, frustrated talents of our ancestors manifest themselves in their rebellion looking to take place.

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Journey of Illumination


Ascension Mastery Message for the True Doorway of 11:11 with the Elohim Councils of Light. Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.

It is the year of 2018 and we are coming upon the opening of the Doorway of 11:11 (as 11:11:11) on November 11, 2018.  This year marks a very special moment in time as numerologically the year “2018” adds up to 11 so it truly brings forth the Divine dispensation of Mastery in a new and different way that is much more powerful for individuals than was the date of November 11, 2011, as this month it is a direct pure translation of the frequency.

I was very privileged and honored to enjoy these energies since 1992 through the messages of Solara and continuing into our present timeline. As we stand in the year of Mastery, we have seen duality occur in many different ways…

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This is How the Florida Election is Being Rigged

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joe sullivanMore on the man, Joe Sullivan, who literally holds the digital encryption keys to the State of Florida Election recount as the new chief security officer of Cloudflare, the digital security Certificate Authority used by the Florida Secretary of State.

Adrianne Jeffries. (Nov. 30, 2017). Uber’s disastrous head of security Joe Sullivan paid of hackers to cover up a data theft of 57 million Uber drivers and customers. The Outline.

Open the full outline here:

Uber 1.jpguber 2.jpg

Continue your citizen education and read more:

Joe Sullivan: World’s Top Election Rigger

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NEZEL PADAYHAG: “15 Way To Open Your Heart And Find Unconditional Love”

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“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.”

~David Icke

Love is full of wonders. It’s even said to move mountains. Regardless of your own definition of love, it has the power to make the hearts speak and establish a connection with others.

In the presence of infinite love, verbal communication is sometimes unnecessary. There is deeper communication that does not need words.

However, emotional blocks that hide in the masks of fear, pain, suffering, judgments, heartaches, illness, isolation, prevent us from loving infinitely and unconditionally.

We allow these things to limit our capability to love. Most people don’t know what love is, at its core, and how to express it. This can be possible by opening our hearts to love.

15 Ways To Open Your Heart:

1. Commune with nature.

In nature, there’s no chaos, no confusion, and no pain. There’s only peace, connectedness, and love.


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Your Weekend 10-11 November 2018 Truth Or Dare — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


The 10th brings a very particular kind of stress: the tension that comes with dissonance between the Will and the current life direction, between doing (and so feeling effective in your choices) and listening to instincts and the more subtle currents of feeling and what you ‘know but don’t know’. We might phrase this conflict […]

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Look Forward to Joy | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, what is all this about – the significance of dates in the world? Does this amount to bookkeeping?

One good thing about dates is when you genuinely look forward to an upcoming date – your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July and the ramparts you watch!

Better yet, may every given day on Earth be a looked-forward-to event. What more can be as meaningful as looking forward to tomorrow or later today? This adds a little bit of spice to life.

If everyone were inspired to look forward to tomorrow with joy compounded on Earth like frosting on a cake and a good reason to jump out of bed with exhilaration – what a difference a day can make. Let’s start a trend.

Look forward to joy like a new mantra and uplift the Universe and raise the vim and vigor of life…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 9 November 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light

The Illuminati are now being recognised for what they really stand for and no longer able to fool the general public or authorities all of the time. It means that progress can now be made much more quickly on the path to Ascension. It helps stop the confusion that has existed for a very long time, and now it is much easier to identify those who are working for the dark Ones. Those souls who are unenlightened are still being given opportunities to raise their vibrations and turn to the Light. For those who have a spiritual revelation, there is much help on hand and given to encourage further development. No soul is pressurised to turn to the Light, and it will be by their freewill choice.

However, understand that many souls are lifting their vibrations through self-learning, and leading lives without necessarily attaching themselves to any specific religion or…

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