CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “7 Signs Your Calling Is A Modern Day Shaman”

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Ascension Avatar note: With prominent Native American heritage, gifted (or cursed?) with OBEs, levitation, and having survived three NDEs… this article really ‘called’ to me today… 🙂

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A Shaman is a person who helps others to awaken their consciousness and heals the wounds of the humanity.

In this article we’ll share 7 signs which will tell if you can be a shaman or not. Here are the signs that you are being called on the Shamanic Path.


You understand that everything in the world is connected. Thus you feel close to the nature. You see yourself as a part of the nature. You can even experience the joy and the pain that a dog (or any other animal) feels. Like other Shamans, you believe in the concept of ‘the web of life’.


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Strunk meets with Secret Service

Patriots for Truth

We disabled comments on the YouTube version of this video. If you have pertinent comments to share, please leave them in the comment box below. As we move deeper into “enemy territory”, we aren’t interested in random thoughts from trolls and low-IQ viewers. This information is for our white hats and independent media creators.

Secret Service calls Christopher E. Strunk for a meeting about the Writ of Mandamus. These are his thoughts as he heads into the meeting. He will be doing a post-meeting update later today.

Here is the writ that will be hand delivered, but remember it was delivered to the Supreme Court, Department of Homeland Security, and Vice President Mike Pence last week:



Secret Service will also be given all of our research updates on election rigging by foreign actors, including:

Enemy of the…

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SAINT GERMAINE – St. Germain ~The Change Is Here – By James McConnell –

Higher Density Blog

SAINT GERMAIN   via  James McConnell

I am your St. Germain.  I come to be with you now in these times that are approaching.

  You hear many times of the changes that are developing, the changes that are happening behind the scene.  Many of you take this upon faith at what we say.  What many have been saying is accurate and is going to happen.

There are those of you that somewhat become disconsolate at times where you wonder why you keep hearing this over and over, and yet the changes do not appear, at least not as you are expecting them to.  And we tell you each and every time be patient.  Changes are here.  They are all around you.  All you need to do is open your eyes, both your physical eyes and your third eye.  You will see everything that is developing.  As always, it is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  You have…

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The Cabal’s Silent War on the American People (Part 1) – [Tentacles of the Deep State]

The Cabal’s Silent War on the American People (Part 1) – [Tentacles of the Deep State]

Edge of Wonder

The Deep State has been scheming for years. When did it start?

Recently, it was revealed that the CIA seemed to know the whereabouts of #Osama Bin Laden’s even prior to the 9/11 attacks. But if this is true then who is really responsible for this cover-up? Also was this the real reason why Bill Cooper, who wrote “Behold a Pale Horse,” was killed?

After all Cooper’s release of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars cause quite a stir in society. Many wonder if the Bilderberg group is really behind it? And if so what does it mean for the American people.

All of this and more on today’s episode of Edge of Wonder.

About Us: At Edge of Wonder we believe there is more to this world than meets the eye. We want to take you on an adventure to the edge of the human body, life and the universe discovering wonders and fascinating phenomena that science won’t acknowledge.

Join us our hosts Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts as they embark on this journey of truth-seeking and conscious awakening.


The Globalists Think of Humanity as “Useless Food Eaters” – Dr. Dave Janda Interview

The Globalists Think of Humanity as “Useless Food Eaters” – Dr. Dave Janda Interview

Crush the Street


02:35 Trump taking credit for the Stock Market Bubble?

18:35 Banksters helping Banksters!

25:30 Game of chess with Trump moving the pawns

33:25 Dismantling the Globalist agenda

44:45 Globalist think of humanity as “useless food eaters”

48:05 Where to find more of Dr. Dave Janda’s insights


The Same Exact Powers (Are) Aligned Against Trump – John Barbour

The Same Exact Powers (Are) Aligned Against Trump – John Barbour


You follow the REAL news. So you understand who the powers are who are targeting our President. Hollywood insider and filmmaker John Barbour explains that these are the SAME EXACT powers who targeted and assassinated John F. Kennedy. The names may have changed, but the powers behind the throne remain. And President Trump is aligned against them. God save the President.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Whilst the energies are indeed shifting, it´s wise not to jump the gun. Give things a little more time to settle before making huge decisions.

With Jupiter at 29 Scorpio, Uranus at 29 Aries, True North Node at 29 Cancer, Chiron at 28 Pisces – we´re being bombarded with waves of cosmic energy. Their direction isn´t crystal clear yet.

And with Jupiter bound to enter Sagittarius within the next 10 hours, it´s wise to give a little bit of breathing room before the next big leap.

Moreover, we are seeing other shifts happening, focused 8-10 days from now (Nov 15-17).

Think of the next week as prep time for the following:

Shifting of the Nodes

Some astrologers are celebrating the shifting of the Nodes now. But it´s wise to remember that there are two calculation methods to them: True and Mean (Average) Nodes.

The True nodes have indeed shifted, but…

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Jennifer Hoffman: November 2018 Energy Report

Forever Unlimited

November is a month for intentional action as we’ll see old cycles end as new ones begin, big changes in spiritual understanding and awareness, and space created for new energies so we can expand into greater multi-dimensional potentials and realities. November’s keywords are justice and karma with a strong 11-11 vibration, as the 11th month in an 11 year. We haven’t had this kind of energy since November 2009 and at that time we were nowhere near as awake and aware as we are now. Are you ready for an exciting, action-packed month? It’s here so let’s get started.

The entire year has a strong 11 vibration (2018 is…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-5-18… “Saudi Arabia to be broken up; Israel must choose between Netanyahu and Tel Aviv”

Kauilapele's Blog

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. I’ve added a couple more highlights, one related to the upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin.

“The dismantling of the Khazarian mafia control grid continues with ongoing takedown of the leadership of Saudi Israelia, say Pentagon, CIA, and other sources. In particular, negotiations are now taking place between Russia and the U.S. to divide Saudi Arabia into a Sunni zone controlled by Iran and a Shia zone controlled by Turkey, according to CIA and FSB sources.

“The other thing going on is that the long-awaited arrests of cabalists in the U.S. have already begun, the sources say. The highest-profile of these are senior Goldman Sachs bankers arrested along with former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for looting money from that country.

“Another visible aspect of this is the cabal (Rockefeller faction) General Electric Corporation’s ongoing bankruptcy, the sources say… In any case, the…

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