Lightworkers: Shit Just Got Real, Real Fast

Yes, if you carry Light, you will be attacked. Learn to Shield. It is necessary for we are in the midst of a spiritual, multidimensional war here, folks, whether you want to hear this or not.


Sorry about the title and the cussing, but I have to really express myself here. If anyone needs to share this article and feels uncomfortable about the cursing. You have my permission to change the cuss words. I just want the info out there.

I have figured out what is going on finally. I do want to apologize if I have misinformed anyone. It is hard to figure out channelings and downloads sometimes as the info comes so fast. I do give it to you the best I can. I will probably be deleting some articles that are no longer relevant. I will be devoting this blog to lightworkers and my website to the newly awakened that are just beginning their journey.

When I was writing about lightworkers staying behind to help the collective and starseeds going home. That was in dimensions. Not two separate earths. The new earth is…

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