ANASTACIA-BLUE BEYOND GUIDE – Parts: 01 – 06 | 11-6-18 – via Ascension Energies .com

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Ascending Masters Gathering Personal Energy Update Excerpt
Anastacia-Blue Beyond Guide – Parts ONE to SIX – 4th November 2018

A big shift of energies has come through now after the last 2-3 days of intense November big big changes of energies

The Schumann resonance scale was off the charts

These times of needing rest and of feeling so very very tired are necessary for us to receive new downloads of so many changes of the old and the new

As we may be feeling flushes or extreme heat as we are also burning off the dross through our physical bodies as well

Everything has been over the top, over the edge the spilling over of so much of rapid Ascension with November

There are so many extreme polarities going on for so many souls right now

Some are at the point of like self destruction/self…

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