ALERT: Foreign Interference of Mid-Terms.Votes are being counted outside of the United States.

Foreign meddling!

AIM Truth Bits

Foreign election meddling – HAPPENING NOW

These insider digital certificate authorities appear to be a very sophisticated Man-in-the-Middle network set up for the SES takedown of the American Republic.


Thoma Bravo, ENTRUST, Jerry C. Jones and Michael Chertoff (co-author of The Patriot Act) appear to be running it.


Hillary’s Man-in-the-Middle. (Compiled Nov. 06, 2018). Election System Encryption Certificate Authorities by State. MX Toolbox.


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LISA RENEE with TOMAS FERNANDEZ-CALVO (Time Shift Blog): “Disclosure, If You Want It”

Circle of the Dolphins

Dear Ascending Community,

October was a tough month for those of us that work with the interdimensional Guardian teams helping to provide support for various fieldwork projects in space-time. To clarify, there has been a window of opportunity given that is related to the rebirthing of the Solar Logos Consciousness in our local Universe, the Cosmic Christ Consciousness architecture that is now available to us from this density. Thus a major victory has been achieved in terms of multiple timeline access and field access into previously quarantined areas that have accommodated working and slave trading colonies that contain “humans in space”. Over the last weeks, evidence, names and details have been collected from a central hub that holds an important infrastructure in the Solar System that makes up the main organizing body of the galactic human slave trade, cooperatives with human and non-human interests on the planetoid Ceres and multiple…

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Elite’s Education is Different & Rome Never Fell w/ Prime Minister David Williams

Elite’s Education is Different & Rome Never Fell w/ Prime Minister David Williams

Sarah Westall

Prime Minister David Williams rejoins the program to answer questions from the last show and to discuss more paradigm changing ideas. He discusses the set up of Vatican City, Washington D.C., and the City of London. He discusses how the Roman Empire never fell and what it became. We also discuss how the children of the Elites are educated differently to understand the true history of our world.

Note to Reader: This is a program from 2017, but it is vital that the “elite” do not think, act, or view the world as the rest of the people.  They believe they are superior to the masses.  A sense of arrogance and entitlement is as natural to most of them as breathing.  You must understand what free societies are up against when you’re talking about the elites and their determination to control what the rest of us think, how we act, and what we see in terms of news and information.  Try complete control and censorship!

Where Are the Children? – Sarah Westall

Where Are the Children? – Sarah Westall

Kevin Annett, ordained minister and three-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, rejoins the program to discuss what happens to whistleblowers when they speak out; especially when it’s against very powerful people. We also discuss the 10 missing children that disappeared with Queen Elizabeth from a Native American Boarding School in 1964. They left with Queen Elizabeth and never returned to the school or their families. To this day, besides the rumors, no one knows why they did not return and the Queen has never addressed their disappearance. Kevin Annett also discusses the natural law movement and how people are using their rights to take back control of their families, health, safety, and happiness.




Q recently wrote: “WE, THE PEOPLE. SAVE THE REPUBLIC. WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.” The global “insurgency” against the globalist new world order agenda is growing and spreading with each passing day, and it has the enemies of our freedoms absolutely petrified. “These people are committed to an evil that is mostly unseen” says Harley Schlanger, yet it is that very evil which will be their undoing. And very soon, real justice will be served upon the REAl criminals and enemies of humanity. VOTE. #RedWave #WWG1WGA

When your pet has PTSD


A Blog About Living With Complex PTSD

I was amazed to learn that animals can get PTSD. My husband and I learned this in 2007, when we adopted an Australian Red Heeler cattle dog from a no-kill animal rescue organization.

The woman who ran the rescue told us that Lady had been found abandoned, at a house where her owners had apparently moved away and left her. She said that had happened six months prior and that during those six months, Lady had been adopted, and brought back, “many, many times” because of her behavior issues. The rescue people were paying to board Lady at a kennel, because her behavior was too bad for her to stay in any of their animal foster homes.

Sounds like the perfect dog, right? Lol. My husband and I took her home that day, and soon we saw exactly what everyone else had been unable to live with. Lady had severe…

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