#Q #QAnon 11-4-18… “[PANIC IN DC]… See Something, Say Something”… and always, “Stay (and BE) in the Light”

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I will not be going to the “voting place” on Tuesday, as I’ve done that already, in person. But what is noted in Q post 2416 may be helpful in some regions of the country. No matter what, the Light is “winning”, one step, one individual being, at a time. This is a tremendously thrilling time to be here on this planet, to witness what is happening. It WILL continue.

Overall, I strongly believe that “Staying and BEing in the Light” will help the process go as smoothly as possible. Staying in the Light space, the more that do this, the less “attractive” it will be to dark and/or shadow energies. We attract what we radiate.

Unification is happening, Baby!!

Here’s that Q post, plus the previous one.

Q post 2415

Q post 2416
If you witness members of…

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