more stuff ~ November 4, 2018

I realize that many lightworkers are conflicted over Trump, i.e., he hasn’t done things like mass arrests, etc. Remember, folks, we live in the remnants of a Constitutional Republic. Trump and the Alliance (military) are attempting to work within the parameters of law and order. They do not want to repeat the stupidity of the globalists in attempting to rip away our rights, free speech and the right to bear arms. As Q suggested, you need to be patient; the results will appear AFTER the Mid-term elections and beyond. This is a matter of life and death — so get out and VOTE. BTW, I KNOW the Higher Self of Trump; he IS a Lightworker in his own unique way. Have FAITH.


These are a collection of video’s sent to me by my good friend J. that point out a different way to view our society and Trump’s role in building that society. While many, many are pro-Trump for actions he has taken in support of America, it is worth while to take a step back to further access the deeper meaning of his actions.

For spiritual thinkers (don’t think “religion” here) who envision living in a 5D world, it is worth exploring how patriotic actions can actually further division in our world and division is a great tool of the dark. Remember the old saying…divide and conquer?

I don’t know, is Trump actually be a dark horse (pardon the pun) who’s ultimate goal is to ultimately cause division and hatred for the benefit of the cabal? Whatever the circumstances, I do think Trump’s actions to be crucial for steps that will…

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