“Responding Creatively” as a Kind of Activism (and Coming Through Perfect Storms)

Sophia's Children

Ever wonder just what you can do, contribute, in the face of what often seems overwhelming odds, too much tragedy and suffering, and powerful pot-stirrers who seem to jones on and profit from the mess?

I know I’ve mused and reflected on that, on (much) more than one occasion, when the world’s ills (and the Ill-Makers and fear-stirrers) seem far too many and more than a little bit overwhelming.

(That’s usually when I know it’s time to return to center, call my energy back home, and gain some fresh insight and inspiration.)

Just now, there’s a particular astro-energetic element and theme that’s rising into greater awareness in the Cosmic Symphony (a.k.a. Energies of Now … and Soon).

It has me remembering and thinking anew about those of us who, in our unique ways, have a role of thresholder, change doulas, boundary keepers, and horizon-edge seeders.


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