Benjamin Fulford Interview: Bonds are Finally Being Accepted, 1 Nov 2018

Benjamin Fulford Interview: Bonds are Finally Being Accepted, 1 Nov 2018

Prepare For Change

In today’s release recorded on the 1st November 2018, Prepare For Change continues its interview series with Benjamin Fulford. In this episode, we discuss Angela Merkel stepping down, the current silence within the Military of both the USA and Russia and the unfortunate airline tragedy in Indonesia amongst the topics. Also, Benjamin has been told he can finally start the process of cashing the bonds he holds and explains how he would like to use these funds for a future planning agency to improve planet Earth.

Tsunami Energies assisting with the Timeline Shift. — Jenny Schiltz


Many are feeling as if there is no push, no motivation, and no direction and in fact no solid ground to stand on. What was once clear and directed may now feel fuzzy and vague. It is uncomfortable, to say the least. There feels to be a lack of stability in what we call our……

via Tsunami Energies assisting with the Timeline Shift. — Jenny Schiltz

“Responding Creatively” as a Kind of Activism (and Coming Through Perfect Storms)

Sophia's Children

Ever wonder just what you can do, contribute, in the face of what often seems overwhelming odds, too much tragedy and suffering, and powerful pot-stirrers who seem to jones on and profit from the mess?

I know I’ve mused and reflected on that, on (much) more than one occasion, when the world’s ills (and the Ill-Makers and fear-stirrers) seem far too many and more than a little bit overwhelming.

(That’s usually when I know it’s time to return to center, call my energy back home, and gain some fresh insight and inspiration.)

Just now, there’s a particular astro-energetic element and theme that’s rising into greater awareness in the Cosmic Symphony (a.k.a. Energies of Now … and Soon).

It has me remembering and thinking anew about those of us who, in our unique ways, have a role of thresholder, change doulas, boundary keepers, and horizon-edge seeders.


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November Energies – What to Expect

Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Hey all, thought I would share a bit about what’s happening this month in regards to the planets & how their position might affect us all.

I will start by listing key dates then share a bit more about each one if them. This is just a general one and applies to all but of course each one of us will be affected slightly different due to our own birth chart (you start sign, moon, rising etc.) which you will have to look into yourself! sorry!! 🙂

  • Firstly, its FREAKING SCORPIO SEASON until 22/November !!! the best of all the signs right 😉 – Sun is in Scorpio!!
  • Venus is still in retrograde until 16/November
  • New Moon in Scorpio 7/November
  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius 8/November
  • Venus Retrograde Ends 16/November
  • Mercury retrograde 17/November
  • Sagittarius Season begins 22/November
  • Full moon in Gemini 23/November

So what the heck do all these transits actually mean…

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Sophia Love: Miracles. Angels. The shift. ~ November 3, 2018


by Sophia Love, published on November 2, 2018

This is the true story of a shift. It took place on October 28th, 2018, at approximately 2:00 PM Central Standard time in the United States.
At that moment, and for no obvious reason, the van I was riding in, along with most of my family, 7 people, careened at 70 mph into a guard rail and then the cement base of a utility pole. I’ve been told we were airborne at one point and that the van resembled an accordion when it stopped. I believe I left my body. There were no fatalities and I’ve been told by more than one being that we were intentionally saved; a miracle.

One of us, a 21-year-old beautiful man, has already undergone surgery and will require more before his body is completely healed. Please pray for our friend P.E.

What do you do when…

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Set down your defenses to accept the gift

Love's Beginning

A belief is a defense.

Right now, don’t worry about the ” good” beliefs you have. When you address what appear to be negative or tense beliefs, you work with belief in general. You have no need of belief in anything in particular when you transcend belief to access knowing in every moment. To access knowing in every moment, you must move past fixed belief into the openness of giving and receiving in every moment. A shorter way of saying “giving and receiving in every moment” is inspiration.

Do you have to make fixed notions go away? You do not. Whenever you encounter them during your day, just know that they are not necessary. That is all. What you don’t need falls away. What is connected to your happiness rises up in its place. It is always very simple.

What do you have to defend against?

We invite you to…

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Natural Ways to Eliminate and Prevent Painful Kidney Stones – Era of Light


Courtesy of Era of Light stones are mineral deposits which are made up of calcium, uric acid or the amino acid cysteine. There are many different theories as to how these “stones” form, but no one seems …  Please continue reading

Source: Natural Ways to Eliminate and Prevent Painful Kidney Stones – Era of Light

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35-40% Of Washington Is Involved In Covering Up Human Trafficking Says Ex NYPD Officer [video] ~ November 3, 2018

Human trafficking is extremely ancient and originated even before it was used during the Orion Wars. This form of abuse is used by ones who have embraced the Shadow world and have turned from the Light. It has been utilized by the CIA to compromise people in positions of power so they are compelled to support the globalist agenda.


When we understand the depth and breadth of the problem, it’s easier to see why little has been done, and why it must be covered up at all costs. Those days are over, however. It’s all coming out and will be dealt with.  ~ BP

  • The Facts: NYPD Detective shares what he saw over his career as an investigator into human trafficking. He estimates 35-40% of Politicians are involved in the coverup.
  • Reflect On:Unless this is exposed and those involved are made to stop, will we ever live in a free and peaceful society? Is a society ever truly healthy if this is taking place by our leaders? Is it truly possible that Trump is working on this behind the scenes

Another insider, and a very credible one at that, has stepped forward to expose how prevalent human trafficking actually is in our world, cities, and most notably, in Washington.

Retired Detective Jim ‘Jimmy…

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The Quantum Soul – The Quantum Soul – The Event Flash is NOW – 11-2-18

Higher Density Blog

Published on Nov 2, 2018
The Event “Flash” is Here and Now. Views from a Higher Perspective. *Keep in mind that channeled information in this video comes through from a 5D perspective, NOT a 3D perspective* Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you.
ASKING WHO/WHAT IS ABRAHAM? LEARN MORE:… — Support my work on: PayPal: Website: QHHT/Hypnosis: YouTube:… Connect on Social Media: Instagram: @thequantumsoul Facebook Group:… — ♡ Oneness and love be with you.

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