Timescapes of a Giant, by John Ghazzawi

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Dear Friends,

Here’s another dream i’d like to share. i hope you enjoy!.

“Timescapes of a Giant”
a slightly longer short story,
written by John Ghazzawi

The City, with her panorama so dazzling. architecture ambitious, grand and imposing. culture as diverse as her people from around the world that flock here to live, work and play. reveling in her endless pleasures, hypnotic entertainment and flashy trinkets. a city so proudly displayed as our grand achievement, our triumph over the elements. perfect in our eyes after generations of conditioning and practice manufacturing landscapes. it’s amazing, quite the work no doubt!

yet most so grey and dull. hard and ridged. so loud, unnecessarily crowded and busy. so unforgiving to some. so blatantly heartless to others..

ah! so harsh to those who dare question her command for servitude and governance. only the ones fully entranced by the glare of her shining promises of…

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