Quick Update for November 2: Q is Back with New Drops & an Intel Roundup from THI [videos] ~ November 2, 2018


On a key anniversary, Q left some drops so he made a lot of people happy and they can go back to making their videos.

“We have to bypass the media in order to get straight to the people.”
“We’ve gone around them like no one in history has gone around them.”
-POTUS @ tonight’s rally
Think MSM attacks re: Q (We, the People).

We, here in the Independent Media have been bypassing the MSM for years. I guess we have to toot our own horns.

We appreciate that President Trump and Q have utilized their own communication lines to educate us and keep us apprised.

See the latest crumbs here.

I’m sure Q’s presence will pick up the spirits of the patriots, so thankQ.

Thomas Williams left his own tasty crumbs last night. You can listen to the show here.

He cautioned us that the alt media shills…

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