Time For Pedogate JUSTICE – Through the Black

Time For Pedogate JUSTICE – Through the Black


What happens when a mother blows the whistle on sexual ritual abuse of her children by their father? In many cases, she is demonized and persecuted and the father is given full custody of the very children he allegedly abused. Such was the case in Hampstead.

Tom from Through the Black joins me to discuss.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Presence is the Art of Seeing & Being Seen

Tania Marie

We hop into the third and last of this week’s new blog series with Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner. When checking in with her on what she wanted her first blog to focus on, she reminded me of her experience waiting for a couple of years+ at SaveABunny for someone to “see” her. Besides the founder, Marcy, and her wonderful staff of volunteers, no one could find the bridge within their hearts to really tune in to who she really is and look beyond their first reactions to her assertiveness. Astrid wisely used this behavior to help reflect to others a way for them to meet her in their wholeness of power and most importantly to step out of the stories and noise and come back to the presence of peace within the nature of their essence.

A way for her to filter companions as well, as…

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Jamye Price: November 2018 Ascension Energies – The Space Within

Forever Unlimited

November 2018 Ascension Energies – The Space Within

The accompanying video to this article can be found here.

October Review
October had an interesting energetic. The energies of Calming the Chaos were great preparation for the energies of November. October felt like an intensity of inner movement, something beneath the surface. There was quite an “opposites attract” flow to it, an intensification of the nature of duality within as we nourish the courage to Love when Love isn’t easy.

Sometimes in October I felt successful with that, other times I felt like the anger/resistance/fear won the moment. It’s all a progression. And it flows directly into the next level—November.

The Space Within
November energies are The Space Within. It is a core focus of Ascension that as we evolve into fourth density we are more consciously aligned with the subtle…

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Mark Dice 11-2-18… “Democrat’s Virtue Signaling Goes Wrong”

Kauilapele's Blog


There’s nothing that’s able to be “Hidden” these days… “The Energies” do not allow it. And this video illustrates how the “virtue signaling” attempts to make candidates appear “PC” are (hilariously) exposing themselves and are failing to do what’s intended.

Anything coming from “non-integrity” is being exposed.

I love the Dice (Mark Dice, that is).

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Magical Wild Herbs and Other Things

Bealtaine Cottage


Hawthorn is one of the sacred Ogham trees of Ireland. It goes by the name Huath in Irish,  being the tree that symbolises Bealtaine, the merry month of May! This is also a wonderful, magical herb of abundant medicine. Hawthorn, or whitethorn, is easily identifiable during this time as her creamy blossoms brighten hedgerows, stone walls, fields and sacred sites.

IMG_0087Hawthorn is also known as the fairy tree for it is believed, especially a solo tree in a field, that it is a place that fairies would stop to rest (or party!) as they traversed across the land.


There was a frost this morning, as you can see from the roof of the cottage. Insulation in the loft keeps the frost on the roof. You can always tell a poorly insulated home from the state of the roof on frosty mornings!


An icy cover on the rain barrel by…

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Quick Update for November 2: Q is Back with New Drops & an Intel Roundup from THI [videos] ~ November 2, 2018


On a key anniversary, Q left some drops so he made a lot of people happy and they can go back to making their videos.

“We have to bypass the media in order to get straight to the people.”
“We’ve gone around them like no one in history has gone around them.”
-POTUS @ tonight’s rally
Think MSM attacks re: Q (We, the People).

We, here in the Independent Media have been bypassing the MSM for years. I guess we have to toot our own horns.

We appreciate that President Trump and Q have utilized their own communication lines to educate us and keep us apprised.

See the latest crumbs here.

I’m sure Q’s presence will pick up the spirits of the patriots, so thankQ.

Thomas Williams left his own tasty crumbs last night. You can listen to the show here.

He cautioned us that the alt media shills…

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Citizens ask the Military to Shoot Down Chemtrail Planes

Patriots for Truth

AIM4Truth James M. Miller writes: “If I were the POTUS, I would tell Sec. Mathis to shoot down any airplane that pollutes the skies over American territory. Why has this not happened. Man is not causing ‘climate change’….it’s the bloody sun, and in fact; there are indications that a mini-ice age is developing with the lack of sunspots.  This will really chap the globalists asses, when we have to switch the slogan to ‘burn coal’ and ‘warm the climate’!”

How did you know, Jim, that November is ‘Ask the Military to Shoot Down Chemtrail Planes Awareness Month‘.


Chemtrail planes Anybody have the backdoor keys to the QRS-11?

American citizens are sick and tired of this globalist operation pouring poisons in our sky, on our land, crops, and families. We aren’t bugs to be sprayed on by SES-SERCO and the Evil Empire of psychopathic globalists.

We demand to know who…

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MATT KAHN – The Gift Of Diversity

Higher Density Blog

Published on Oct 24, 2018
Join Matt to explore the gift of diversity
as a pivotal cornerstone of heart-centered consciousness.
Order Matt’s new book, “Everything is Here to Help You” at: http://mattkahn.org/everything-is-her…
BOOK TOUR: Join Matt on this tour as he celebrates the release of his new Hay House book, Everything is Here to Help You. During each two-hour event and one-day immersion, Matt will use his intuitive abilities to tune into the audience and deliver teachings to assist in all areas of healing, awakening, and transformation.
Often referred to as a transmission of presence, Matt has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of his voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Matt’s words convey. Buy tickets here: https://www.brightstarevents.net/feat…

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