Not All That Shimmers is Sacred: The Teachings of ´The False Light´

Great wisdom…

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


As we navigate the energies of the day, be aware of The False Light.

It is far more insidious, and dangerous than we call ´The Dark´.

In fact, there is a profound degree of healing, rest and sanctuary we can find in that which is hidden. But it does come with its own baggage (like all else).

You will encounter many within the healing and spiritual disciplines who truly believe that they are in alignment – but who channel very different frequencies and energies, often the polar opposite to the claims they make.

They also tend to be surrounded by people who absolutely believe what they are told and would rather have some external force running through them, than to actually sit with themselves.

This comes from a profound sense of disconnection and a lack of faith in and appreciation of the unique expression of the Self. As the Self…

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