Headlines and Updates for October 31, 2018: We Scared the Cabal—Boo! Hoo! [videos] ~ October 31, 2018


The deep state puppets, broke and broken, always carry on and will use the next few days to change their drawers, mop up the puddles, regroup, and devise their next tantrum to bully us into civility—so maintain your situational awareness and have some Plan B’s of your own as we draw nearer to “D-Day” for the New World Order in America: November 6th.

If you listen intently, you can hear the gears of the cabal’s failing financial system and playbook calculator desperately whining, “Warning! Warning! It does not compute! Recalculating! Recalculating!”

And not only are they locked out of the Qantum financial system—they’re blocked from diddling with the voting machines, too, if what we’re hearing is correct. Besides… any minuscule messing they might do would be a mere drop of blue in the ocean of the red tsunami that November 6 will bring. “A fludd approches”.

The fearless White Hats…

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