Dismantling the structure of suffering

Love's beginning

The small-r reality of this dimension is that there is the experience of that which is unlike love. There is the experience, pasted on top of the peace in which you have always abided, the full love and acceptance that has always been yours (and everyone else’s) just because you Are.

When you experience that which feels unlike love, notice it’s what you intended. You intended to have the experience of duality. And you did! Congratulations. No, there is no punishment for all of the wars. No, there is no judgment for all of the mistreatment humans and other beings have heaped upon one another, either in thought, word or deed.

Think of that. Think of the mistreatment humans heap upon each other in thought alone. When you remember who you are (and therefore who all the others are) consistently, this is impossible to do. Until the remembrance is consistent…

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