Panic, Central Bankers Are Trapped – Episode 1704a – Financial News

Panic, Central Bankers Are Trapped – Episode 1704a – Financial News

X22 Report

The people and business on the street are feeling the pain. Raising the rates is not helping the economy it is hurting the everyday person on the street. AutoNation is feeling the pain new car sales are declining because people are rejected the higher prices and the higher interest rates. The Fed says the debt cannot be sustained the US need to act now. Trump’s plan is the to blame the Fed, he has set up the narrative to do just that and the central bank is now panicking and they are trapped.

Our Fear Of Life

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

Our greatest fear isn’t about our death, but rather about our infinitude.

Death is simply another birth into the great unknown of our never ending being and the universe it expresses in. To accept that is to be in reverence, awe and wonder, which is to really live.

To accept that is to accept your struggle with that. You don’t really ‘get’ that and neither do I.

Death and life are a great mystery that the universe itself and the divine itself is still busy exploring and it is exploring it through you and me.

Death and life are inseparable from each other, as every moment, every relationship, every being that expresses, expresses as a surrender to this mystery of death and rebirth.

Living our lives in avoidance of death or repulsion to death is to reject life itself, for life isn’t possible without death. Coming to…

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Pleiadian Collective ~ You Are A Star Seed Here For The Higher Purpose ~ November 1, 2018


Pleiadians (channeled messages)

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. We do not have much of a change in the news for you tonight friends, but wish to bestow through these words a healing, for we sense that you are all in great need of it at this time of energetic change. Much stress has been placed and is in the process of being transmuted within your physical forms and although it will be alright it perhaps now is a bit uncomfortable. And so we invite you to please sit down in a quiet space and do some deep slow breaths, grounding to both your planetary mother and spiritual mother. Become the bridge between them. Will that your chakras align with ease and grace and imagine a rainbow blend of dancing sparkling colors that ripple like plasma coursing through you extending from Mother God through your crown chakra through your…

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MORAG – 15 Signs we have Transitioned to the Fourth Realm – via Golden Age Of Gaia – 10-30-18

Higher Density Blog


By Morag, October 30, 2018,


We have entered a new paradigm, a new dimensional space.

The third dimension is fading as we try to fathom the fourth. We are now operating in the fourth dimension. The rainbow children, indigos and light workers have raised the vibrations beyond the 3d matrix. Phase 3 the fourth realm has been reached.

The collective consciousness has awakened. The hard, dense karmic armour cloaking us has been cracked open.

Ascension has begun. The event is happening.

We are experiencing frequency quakes, ripples of dimensional transition rewiring matrix algorithms. We are being guided through the fourth into the fifth, we are not alone.

How do we know we are transitioning from lower dimensions to higher realms? It’s all around us, the Shift in consciousness has turned the 3d matrix to sand, it runs through our fingers…

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Just a Reminder, You Are All AMAZING (Uplifting Post For You)


Being guided to share a reminder here to all those who feel guided to read this, that each one of you is special beyond your imagination. No one is useless here, everyone is part of the master puzzle. Without you here on this planet, the plan for liberation would not go as well as it should.


You (yes you reading this!) need to realize how important you are and how loved you are. In all likeliness, things/life in general have been very hard on you recently (and probably long before that!) You might even use the word hell or any other word (perhaps one worse than that) to describe your experience on this planet.

But try to remember that you are the best of the best working on this planet for the good of the people here who are not able or willing to help themselves. The people, the animals…

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A More Feminine/Masculine Balanced Approach To Feeling

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

What causes ongoing suffering is NOT the pain itself or even the trauma that is at the root cause of it…..yet rather the unwillingness and avoidance to actually FEEL it. Suffering over suffering is not actually the same as dropping into the feeling of the pain WITH the part of you that is experiencing it…both from this lifetime and from other timelines too.
Being open to feel the pain/trauma/fear, to allow to move into your heart space and to hold space for it is what finally moves it into a loving frequency of release. Avoidance and diversion only work for so long and are temporary measures at best. Using buoyancy and positivity to ‘rise above’ the feelings only works for so long too as this is a compartment (even if it is a positive one) that is limiting and limited.
Your Protector (a masculine energy)…

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Higher Density Blog

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,


I am working on a much longer article about what is taking place Energetically/Consciousness Raising Timelines  but I wanted to write a quick article about our current Ascension symptoms we have been feeling.

Tonight I am extremely thirsty, this came on all of the sudden as many of these symptoms do and I have actually had to stop myself from drinking too much. Yes, this has happened many times before.

These past few days I have been experiencing what I will term as SHIMMERS.  These shimmers can be felt any where on the body, and it feels as if someone is cold but different. They have a wispy goosebump type feeling like crown chakra activations on the head but instead these can be anywhere on the body. I have received them in multiple places on the body recently.

Another symptom we have…

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Mercury Retrograde Nov-Dec 2018


Wondering why there has been a bit of a break-down in communication and electronic appliances during the past few days? Since October 27th, the planet Mercury has been in the pre-shadow phase before turning Retrograde on November 16th until December 6th. When Retrograde, mistakes and mix-ups are more likely to occur or become widely noticed in general. This phenomenon happens three to four times every year, for approximately three weeks at a time. During these phases, Mercury is simply moving slower in its orbit, which produces the optimal illusion of moving backward in the sky from our perspective on earth.

This planet astrologically relates to all things pertaining to the brain, the mind and their various functions, including nerve impulses which are basically waves of electrical activity that travel through the body to protect and guide it throughout the day. It also influences electronics, automobiles and…

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This is What Q Meant By “Hell on Earth”

This is What Q Meant By “Hell on Earth”


Human beings have short memories. Especially when it comes to history. When Q told us that the enemies of the President and of the American people are “pure evil”, most of us understood. But when Q said a Hilary victory would have been “Hell on earth”, it wasn’t just conjecture, or puffery. It was absolutely quantifiable. Think Mao. Think Stalin. THIS is exactly what Q meant…

Hillary and her allies are Satanists, pure evil.  Three-quarters of Americans would already have been murdered or confined in FEMA camps by now…