David Wilcock 10-26-18… MOMENT OF TRUTH: Part 2… “The Political Stuff Nobody Wants to Talk About”

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Part 2 looks into many of the “political operations” that are ongoing. I was particularly struck (and amused, now that I’m more awake than I was prior to 2016) by his description of “the Face” and “the Heel”, as it relates to deep state manipulated politics. Of course, the Alliance and Donald Trump threw a great wrench into the “Face vs. Heel” deep state machine.

David also confirmed one thing that I have “sensed” for some time now, that Fox News (which I NEVER used to watch when Bush (or Obama) was in office) is working with the Alliance (“they now co-operate with the Alliance”). I also recommend watching the video (with Sean Hannity) which David links to, that points out the extent of the “Corruption at the Highest Levels”, which has been ongoing for some time, both before and after Trump won the 2016 election.

I’m posting the text…

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