October 23rd: Scorpio Season ~ October 23, 2018


By Nadia Gilchrist

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd (7:22 AM EDT). Now we arrive at the season of darkness, intensity, obscurity and truth.

In order to get to the Scorpio gold (which is raw truth and courageous intimacy) you have to go deep- you have to face the taboos, the secrets, the ugly stuff. You have to experience and accept powerlessness, and through this, gain an understanding of your own power. Often what’s revealed is not pleasant, so “gold” may not seem like an appropriate word. But the highest version of this energy is pure intimacy (complete merging with another) and/or the absolute knowledge of your own Shadow. When you face down your demons, there’s nothing left to undermine you.

Scorpio energy can be vicious and destructive when misused. Or, it can be profoundly loyal and completely accepting of what terrifies and repels other people. It’s never superficial…

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